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Can't Sleep Clowns will eat me.

Tiki Taurus Luau

All three members of the Bat Country Warehouse were born within a week of each other, so we are whoring our birthdays out for your pleasure. Being that we are also impatient for the coming of summer, we will welcome the warmer days with a Tiki Taurus Luau! The whole warehouse will be transformed into and island paradise!

Beginning at 8 PM there will be chicken and ham glazed in an amazing pineapple teriyaki sauce and lots of fruit and veggies roasting on the fire, to please the angry tiki gods. We also have the pleasure of some of our own very favorite DJ's spinning. Make sure to come early for the BBQ!

50's lounge, Luau, or pirate attire strongly encouraged!

DJ's (thus far)
Ishe (check out
Fetish Dolly (check out
Eff-M (You all raved about him on Valentine's Day so we brought him back)
DJ Arison (Need I explain? Moon Bass, Kingdome, Freezing Man)
Tower (formerly of Rock Island and Lip Gloss)
Slave1 (from Pure Nightclub and Bender's Tavern)
DJ double aa

Kooky Kitsch/ Island Stylings of DJ Frank Bell,  in the Back Yard.

$10 Donation (Tauruses get in for free!)

Please email Calamity at if you would like to DJ (We are booked until 5 am now, so let us know right away if you are interested), do a performance, or help decorate.

Pizza/beer/decorate gathering on Friday, April 24th to transform the warehouse starting at 7PM. Those who come out to help on Friday night will get in free on Saturday. Call Meg at 401-935-8784 to get involved or just come by on Friday night.

Sign up for FREE text updates on our events by texting "follow calamity1" to 40404

or by going here: (Make sure that you turn on device updates when you sign up on-line!)
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