Biting Elbows сняли новый клип

Biting Elbows сняли новый клип, на песню Toothpick со своего дебютного альбома. Загадочная подпольная игра где ставка - жизнь. Это уже не клип, это фильм, короткометражное кино, после просмотра которого хочется продолжения, и если его не получаешь, хочется смотреть вновь пока не поймешь что же будет дальше. Если вы уже знакомы с персонажами клипов группы Biting Elbows, то сможете увидеть в нем героев предыдущих клипов. Этот клип первый с дебютного альбома и ему в данный момент снимается продолжение. Stay Tuned!
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Bouncing Souls

DENVER - Marquis
11.02 w/ Youth Brigade and Wet Witch
11.03 w/ Riverboat Gamblers and Broken Gold
11.04 w/ Broadway Calls, The Architects, and Luther
11.05 w/ Teenage Bottlerocket and Heart And Soul

Bouncing Souls will be playing all 8 records in 4 nights *SQUEEEEEEEE*
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Punk Day @ Water World

July 2nd, people!!

Water World 1800 W. 89th Ave., Federal Heights, CO 80260

Let's take over Waterworld on July 2nd!!!! Punx Unite ...Waterslides... Hell yeah!!!
Be there early so we can establish residence on the Upper Wave Pool as the ...PUNK ZONE! Invite your pals!!!
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Sunday's NFG Concert Highlights

New Found Glory
-played mostly old songs
-they played at least 6 songs for their encore
-the band took turns wearing BlueBlocker sunglasses while playing the last song
-singer wore a Dead Milkmen shirt

Saves he Day
-no highlights, that band sux balls

-the singer randomly quoted "anarchy burger... hold the government!"
-singer wore a Descendents shirt
-they thanked Denver for giving birth to Chipotle

-this opening band actually didn't suck (that's a rare event!)

When NFG played it was an instant mosh... not exactly a "pit"... it was a lot of random waves of fat people all smashing against everyone in all directions, no dancing or rhythm at all :-p So many fat people, and young people, and ugly people- like, I guess it's "punk" to look really ugly these days with a bunch of tattoos :-( it was just sad to me that nobody cared to dress up anymore- I had more hair dye and piercings than everyone else in that whole Gothic theatre combined! Geez!