noneofyourbusiness (yumcheesy) wrote in punks_of_co,

Sunday's NFG Concert Highlights

New Found Glory
-played mostly old songs
-they played at least 6 songs for their encore
-the band took turns wearing BlueBlocker sunglasses while playing the last song
-singer wore a Dead Milkmen shirt

Saves he Day
-no highlights, that band sux balls

-the singer randomly quoted "anarchy burger... hold the government!"
-singer wore a Descendents shirt
-they thanked Denver for giving birth to Chipotle

-this opening band actually didn't suck (that's a rare event!)

When NFG played it was an instant mosh... not exactly a "pit"... it was a lot of random waves of fat people all smashing against everyone in all directions, no dancing or rhythm at all :-p So many fat people, and young people, and ugly people- like, I guess it's "punk" to look really ugly these days with a bunch of tattoos :-( it was just sad to me that nobody cared to dress up anymore- I had more hair dye and piercings than everyone else in that whole Gothic theatre combined! Geez!
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